Hi, I'm David!

I am a webdeveloper, DJ and student studying engineering. I love taking photos, coding and surfing the web. In my free time I hang out with friends, enjoy being out in the countryside or I simply code websites like this one!

Responsive web design

Responsive web design is the approach that suggests that design and developement should respond to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.
But what does that mean? It means that there is only one single code that applies to whatever device a user is using. Together with CSS3 media queries, flexible grids and flexible images the layout changes depending on the resolution of the target's screen. In mid 2013 the number of mobile internet users surpassed the number of desktop internet users. Focussing on mobile-first websites is therefore essential. Additionally, it has other great advantages: It saves money and time, features a better performance, has a wider browser support and not to mention it improves the websites SEO.

responsive web design

What can I offer?

I can offer a fully responsive web design featured with html5, css3, php, mysql, javascript and jquery.
Interested? Send me a message with the contact-form below.

References and projects



We are currently developing a Website and Android App for the plant virus research of the DSMZ.



Weihnachtsmann24.de is a project that started in August 2014. It is an agency for Santas aimed for Germany but could expand in the near future.


DaNSS - Decision & Negotiation Support System

DaNSS is a project I work for in University. Its aim is to visualize efficient options in decisions.

Dernick - Business Team Coaching

Kairos - Business Team Coaching

I am the system administrator, IT-consultant and webdeveloper for Kairos Business Team Coaching.


Unihelp.de (Discontinued)

Unihelp was a project I did together with some friends from University. As a combination of social network and file exchange platform it counted more than 20.000 users and 19.000 files.

Anwaltskanzlei Reusch

Anwaltskanzlei - Susen Reusch

Website of the Susen Reusch, solicitor.

Kos Sanitär + Heizungs GmbH

Kox Sanitär & Heizungs GmbH

I made the layout and graphic design for my father's company. The website is still in developement.



Kayo-EX is my alias as a DJ. I have a seperate website with more specific information.

Joint Forces

Joint Forces

Joint Forces is a DJ project together with my best friend. Find out more in the DJ section. Our website is currently being updated.

This page has a parallax effect. Unfortunately mobile decives aren't able to handele it. Check it out on a computer to see what it should look like!


Kayo-EX is my alias as a DJ. I've been surrounded by music all my life in a music loving family.

Want to know more about my DJ carreer? Take a look at my Kayo-EX website - http://www.kayo-ex.com or connect with me on the social media platforms.

Keep Calm And Join The Forces

Joint Forces is a DJ Project I started together with Tobias Friemelt back in 2012.

We met in Magdeburg as we both started studying and immediately noticed we had the same interests and taste of music. What started with playing around on our old DJ-controllers has ended up in a weekly DJ shedule. We've participated in local DJ contests and were very successful in winning all so far attempted. Mainly DJing at student partys we've started our first residency in April 2015 where we DJ every Thursday.

Events and venues where we've played so far include: Junimond Festival(Magdeburg), Campus Open Air(Magdeburg), Follow The Rabbit(Magdeburg), Otto Goes Wild(Magdeburg), NeXt 2k(Cologne), Projekt7(Magdeburg), Festung Mark(Magdeburg), Stadthalle(Braunschweig), Prinzzclub(Magdeburg), Baracke(Magdeburg), Café Canapé(Halberstadt) and many more.

My engineering timeline

My Childhood

Obviously my engineering career must have started in my childhood. Playing with LEGO on a daily basis was the perfect foundation for becoming an engineer. LEGO offeres literally infinite possibilities in creation and design. Having tons of it at home was a huge advantage for me but instead of building things like houses or small cars like most children I was far more interested in LEGO Technics and started building gearboxes and things like that. In fact I still play and build things with LEGO from time to time but obviously far more complex things like a 7 gear sequential gearbox with automatic transition or add sensors and programming to models to build automatic parking-assist-systems. Besides LEGO I also spent a lot of time in the workshed of my Dad or Grandpa. Both being very talented in handcrafting, fixing and building they tought me so much and gave me the opportunity to build stuff myself. Every product that was broken or had some sort of an issue I used to tear it down to see how it worked and tried to fix it. Mixers, speakers, mobiles, computers, tools, motors etc. - nothing was safe.


Goldenberg Europakolleg

The next big step was starting my "Abitur" and doing an apprenticeship as an Industrial Mechanic in a sandwich course at the Goldenberg Europakolleg. This meant that I could focus on engineering classes prior to university. With maths and mechanical engineering as core classes it was perfect to prepare myself for a mechanical engineering course at university.

Visit Website July 2007 - July 2010

Schwartmanns Isoliermaschinen

My first work experience in the engineering business was at a firm in Wesseling, Germany. With only about 20-25 workers Schwartmanns are on of the global leaders in isolating maschines. In the four weeks I worked there I learned a lot about series production, working in a team and was mainly turning and milling.

Visit Website June/July 2008

Interim examination (Industrial Mechanic)

After aproximately 1 1/2 years I successfully passed the interim examination.

3rd April 2009

Astelec (Pontivy, France)

During a school exchange in France in 2009 I had the opportunity to do a work experience at Astelec general electrics. During the two weeks of work I mainly helped out in laying cables or connecting and installing systems for lighting, internet and sensors.

April/May 2009

Europass mobility

By participating in the French exchange and working in France I gained the "Europass Mobility" in 2009.

May 2009

Bresselschmidt GmbH

My next work experience during my mechanical engineering course was at Bresselschmidt GmbH in Erftstadt, Germany.

Visit Website June 2009

Finished my "Abitur" (A-levels)

In June 2010 I finished my Abitur (A-levels) and graduated at the Goldenberg Europakolleg.

June 2010

Technical assistant for construction- and production-techniques

Together with my Abitur I also gained the qualification as a technical assistant.

June 2010


To finish my apprenticeship as an Industrial Mechanic I had to do a 6 months work experience. I had the opportunity to do so at Lyondellbasell in Wesseling, Germany. During my time there I worked both in the maintenance and repair department, as also in the material testing section.

Visit Website June 2010 - January 2011

Finished apprenticeship as an Industrial Mechanic

After passing all exams I gained the qualification as an Industrial Mechanic

31. January 2011

Otto von Guericke University

In October 2011 I started studying for a BSc in Engineering ("Wirtschaftsingenieur FR Maschinenbau") in Magdeburg, Germany.

Visit Website October 2011 - today

Fara FMB

In July 2014 I joined the student representatives for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. I am responsible for all IT systems and help organising events.

Visit Website July 2014 - today